“The future of organisational development; targeted learning that meets the organisation’s needs.”

SIGNAL’s XTEND professional programme was created to help develop your professional tech skills and leadership capabilities, taking your career to the next level and enabling you and your team to reach their full potential.

Professional practice is all about you and your work context. You may be a thought leader, the go-to person for a particular technology or process, a mentor to junior staff, or a respected contributor to the wider community. 

» 18 months

» XTEND can be completed from anywhere within NZ

» XTEND results in a Master of Professional Practice (MProfPrac) from Otago Polytechnic

Customised. Innovative. Effective.

In 2021, SIGNAL's XTEND programme will be offered as a Master of Professional Practice (MProfPrac) through the Otago Polytechnic.

Completed over 18 months from anywhere within NZ, the MProfPrac uses your real-life work experiences as learning material. You work with your employer to identify a strategic challenge within the organisation – you may develop a new process, enter a new market, respond to stakeholder strategy, foster innovation or address company culture. 

The Master of Professional Practice allows you to enjoy greater flexibility than traditional, prescribed post-graduate programmes.

Unlock your team's potential.

Your MProfPrac can be applied to virtually any role within your team, as it’s individually tailored to your development and your organisation’s goals. Investing in staff is proven to have a 4x return on investment. As a professional programme it offers the vehicle with which to do this, helping you to retain and grow your existing staff and reduce external recruiting requirements.

We are on hand to ensure new practices are integrated into existing organisational systems, helping to embed new learnings, drive tangible business outcomes and deliver real return on investment.

To find out more about the Master of Professional Practice delivered via Capable NZ, visit Otago Polytechnic or contact Dr Henk Roodt at postgrad@capable.co.nz.

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