Innovative teaching for teachers

Digital technologies impact almost every aspect of our lives and affect how we live, work, play, and most importantly learn.

Teachers and learners in New Zealand schools need to stay up to date with the latest educational thinking around digital technology; they need opportunities and support to enhance their digital technology skills.

SIGNAL's EDUCATE programme was created to support teachers to champion Computer Science and Programming subjects in schools, including the new NCEA Achievement Standards for Digital Technologies. EDUCATE also built on your existing experience as a teacher, allowing you to apply your learning in your classroom... while you are still teaching!

» 2 years (approx. – learn while you teach)

» Digital Technologies in Education courses available at the University of Canterbury

Convenient, relevant and empowering

In 2021, SIGNAL's EDUCATE programme for teachers of Digital Technologies will be offered through a range of courses at the University of Canterbury.

If you are currently, or would like to teach Primary or Secondary School Digital Technologies, then University of Canterbury will work with you to integrate digital technology in all curriculum areas to enrich your teaching and enhance student learning experiences.

Award-winning educators have designed and developed digital technologies resources for many years, and are familiar with the needs of schools, Digital Technology teachers, and those providing outreach programmes.

Part-time, distance learning professional development programmes (including short on-site sessions to complement your study) are offered, building on your existing experience as a teacher and allowing you to apply your learning in your classroom.

To find out more about the range of Digital Technologies in Education and training courses available, visit University of Canterbury.

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