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Tech is currently New Zealand’s third-largest export sector... and is growing fast! To fuel this growth, NZ needs more people with tech skills to join this exciting and varied area, which crosses into many sectors from aviation to zoology.  

The tech sector requires people with a wide variety of skills to successfully take their products to market.... so as well as the actual product developers, those with skills such as sales and marketing, business strategy, creative, user design and project management are required.  Change and transformation managers, and training and quality assurance skills are also in large demand.  

SIGNAL ICT Grad School develops tech professionals to meet that growth via the innovative and responsive SHIFT programme.  SHIFT graduates are now working in a variety of areas such as software development, data visualisation, educational technology product development and  location data intelligence consultancy, just to name a few! 

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Chch 2018 Shift cohort

Christchurch 2018 Shift cohort

SHIFT is delivered in an intensive immersive studio environment over two semesters. Using industry-inspired team projects with workshops and seminars, SHIFT is designed for those without a tech background who want to be part of this fast growing and exciting industry.

The studio course makes up the majority of the programme and combines communication, teamwork and innovation along with the tech skills appropriate for the career you wish to pursue, whether it is a full-on software development role, or one of the many allied roles such as sales, marketing, project management, change management, business analyst, software tester, innovation researcher and much more. 

Chch 2017 Shift cohort

Christchurch 2017 Shift cohort

Early in the programme you will get insights into various industry sectors with visits to local companies. Members of the industry will also contribute to the delivery of the courses, and will often provide you and your SHIFT cohort with real-life projects for the Studio portion of your learning.   Later in the programme you will engage in a 200 hour internship or industry project enabling you to put into practice the learning from the studio course, along with actual industry professionals. 

You also get to choose two specialist courses to round out your SHIFT experience. These can be chosen from any of those offered by the SIGNAL partners.

Dunedin 2017 Shift cohort

Dunedin 2017 Cohort (Dunedin 2018 cohort pictured in header)

The SHIFT experience is tailored to meet your needs, and the connections SHIFT gives you will ensure you are highly employable, either in your background experience or possibly a whole new field.  The employment possibilities are only limited by your imagination.  

Read more here in our SHIFT FAQs. 

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