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July cohort our largest SHIFT student intake!

Wednesday August 19, 2020

Last month we welcomed over 20 new full-time and part-time SHIFT students across the Christchurch and Dunedin studios, making it our largest student intake since SIGNAL started in 2017! These new students are taking the plunge, shifting gears, learning relevant tech skills and exploring new opportunities in the tech sector, following in the footsteps of our dozens of successful graduates.

The July 2020 cohort's career backgrounds are diverse. From fresh graduates, parents reskilling, business owners and career changers. Their educational and career backgrounds are varied, which brings many different perspectives and experiences to the learning environment.

July 2020 SHIFT student introductions in the Dunedin studio

Both cohorts are underway, meeting and visiting with local companies, gaining insight into various tech roles, and the skills needed to work in the growing tech sector. In the first six weeks of the fully immersive full days of the SHIFT programme, they have also covered the tech fundamentals, an intensive introduction to programming and further technical skills.

We wish all our students well during their studies, and as they venture into the world of tech!

If you or someone you know is considering a career change, or wondering what opportunities the world of tech offers, please get in touch with one of our friendly team to discuss career options.

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