How will Covid-19 change the tech industry?

Wednesday April 29, 2020

Mary Meeker is an American venture capitalist and former Wall Street analyst renowned for her annual Internet Trends Report, which many investors and entrepreneurs use as a touchstone for where tech is now and where it's going.

She recently published 'Coronavirus Trends Report', a 28-page document highlighting how Covid-19 will forever transform people and the tech industry. 

The report states how COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate digital transformation, change how we work and boost the on-demand economy over the long term.

Businesses that are doing the best in the current crisis use cloud technologies, sell always in-demand products, can easily be found online, make other businesses more efficient and have a good social media presence. 

Those dynamics are at work for restaurants, stores, online education, health providers and software companies.

“Many of these offline-to-online trends have been in place for a while,” the report says. “Covid-19 just accelerated them.”

Mary Meeker, partner at venture capital firm Bond Capital

Download and read Mary Meeker's full Covid-19 report here

IT Professionals NZ have summarised Meeker's five key takeaways in a recent Techblog - How Covid-19 is set to change tech

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