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Tech industry insights 'invaluable' for SHIFT students

Monday March 2, 2020

From February through April, SIGNAL hosts 'SHIFT Friday's', a series of engaging and informative sessions with local tech industry professionals for our SHIFT cohorts. Students gain insights into a particular company or area of expertise, learn about different work cultures and the varied roles available in the tech sector. 

2020 SHIFT Dunedin cohort gain industry insights with Ian Simpson, Managing Director at LogicStudio during a SHIFT Friday session

Getting personal and professional insights from local tech experts here in Dunedin, while also being able to ask them questions about the New Zealand tech sector is truly a priceless experience for our students. Having the opportunity to meet and engage directly with industry also helps to foster connections and networking, and can lead to positive employment outcomes. 

Some of our guest speakers and workshops have included:

Dunedin SHIFT students, TzuChien Ho and Yoko Kurata, collaborate during a Design Thinking Workshop

Without the involvement of our industry partners we couldn't deliver the programme we do, nor give our students the experiences they receive. Whether you are a guest speaker, a project client or internship host, we truly value your support.

If you would like to share your tech experiences with our students, or our future students, please email or call 0800 990 024.

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