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Chch SHIFT Mondays - Students make industry connections

Tuesday August 25, 2020

With Covid-19 speeding up the digital revolution and disrupting how we live, work and play, having the opportunity to visit in person seems almost like a privilege in this current climate.

The Christchurch SHIFT cohort started one month ago and they have been studying a full-stack, bootcamp styled course alongside the industry engagement opportunities within the local tech sector. 

SHIFT students visit Te Ōhaka - Centre for Growth & Innovation, July 2020

"Industry Engagement is an integral component of the SHIFT programme and the opportunity to gain exposure to the different roles, culture styles and projects that are available in industry is invaluable. We arrange visits to different types of tech firms, and also bring industry and ecosystem experts to our studio to provide an industry professional perspective," says Lenore Wright, SIGNAL's Client Engagement.

The opportunity for graduates to gain experience within industry is vital for New Zealand's talent pool to keep growing, so that we remain an innovative, competitive player in the digital world. Students are very impressed with the scale and openness of the companies and organisations they engage with.

We would like to thank the following amazing industry professionals who have freely shared their time with us over this past month, contributing to New Zealand's tech success.

Clare Pepperell, Project Coordinator. JIX work with Extended Reality (VR, AR, MR) and Artificial Intelligence 

Kelly Van Wieren, Manager of Application and Support Services at Fraame Healthcare Solutions — Image by: Lenore Wright
The hard-working Brush Technology Team
Chandra Harrison, Managing Director at Access Advisors shares insights into UX  — Image by: Lenore Wright
Nadia Thorne, General Manager at CerebralFix
Sarah Turnbull, Client Account Manager, GymMaster

Being based in EPIC Innovation means we have access to insight from world-class industry professionals. James Hayes, CEO at Virtual Medical Coaching shares his story and industry knowledge

SHIFT Tech go-getters on tour to learn from the ICT professionals at the Christchurch City Council

Tino  Koschinski, Software Dev, Drive Software

If you are looking to upskill into a tech career, or you may be an organisation looking for a student to help with your next project starting early 2021, please get in touch with us very soon. 

Our SHIFT students are talented, mature and professional and are dedicated to pursuing a rewarding career in technology, and adding value to your business.  

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