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Dunedin ImpactNPO Hackathon solves problems for local charities

Wednesday October 2, 2019

The second Dunedin ImpactNPO Hackathon  took place September 6 -8 at SIGNAL.  There were great outcomes, conversations and connections over the weekend, as well as some delicious kai and very competitive foosball!

The charities attending the Hackathon: 

Na_tive is a  project focused upon telling human stories around the 17  United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030.   These cover everything from clean water and fresh food to sustainable business and poverty reduction.   The Hackathon group helped Na_tive Co-founder Alice Marsh develop a plan for more impactful activities within NZ to help achieve these goals.  Thanks to  Viv Allen-Kelly, Nicole Henke and Mat Arand for their thoughtful insights and input into the new direction for Alice and her team. 

Group Na_tive work on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030
Nicole Henke presents the developments with Na_tive 

Koputai Kids is a not for profit after school childcare centre in Port Chalmers, Dunedin.  Administrator Jan Liggins was keen to have some fresh ideas for both the centre's website and the Koputai Kids logo.  

Koputai Kids team

SHIFT graduate Aman Jamwal and Graphic Designer Adeline Michon  worked solidly with Jan to revamp the logo, and to deliver the framework and design for a  modern, easily navigable website for the centre.   We look forward to seeing these live once the board has approved the changes! 

Adeline Michon presents Koputai Kids logo designs for group feedback

Aman Jamwal, 2017 SHIFT graduate, presents Koputai Kids website revamp

Wellness Walkers Trust is a Dunedin-based registered charity whose primary aim is to promote public health and well being through nature walks. They hope to reach members of the community who are at risk of social isolation or who need community support to improve their health and well being.  Founder Lisa Silva was hoping to have an app developed, that allowed the walk leaders to check in and record attendance so that they could be recognised for reaching walk tally milestones.  

Wellness Walkers Trust group
Matt Kraemer presents Wellness Walkers Trust Web App

Thanks to the user experience design skills of Nikole Robson and Reece from NART Studios, and the technical skills of Matt Kraemer and Brad Willis this app was actually completed by the end of the weekend! 

A huge thank you goes to all the participants,  without whom the weekend would not have been possible.  Thanks also to SIGNAL's co-sponsor Platinum Recruitment who assisted with keeping the busy hackers well-fed and hydrated over the weekend. 

We look forward to hosting another Hackathon early in 2020, so keep an eye on our social channels for details! 

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