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Introducing the 2020 Christchurch and Dunedin SHIFT cohorts!

Wednesday March 18, 2020

SHIFT is attractive to a wide range of people, for obvious reasons - it combines academic theory with practical application through company projects and industry internships. It also offers a convenient way for people to change careers relatively quickly and enter the exciting tech sector.

This year we're excited to welcome 21 new full-time SHIFT students across Christchurch and Dunedin ready to make that change. The cohorts are already well underway at both studios, currently completing their first semester foundation papers and electives, as well as engaging with the local tech industry during SHIFT Fridays.

New SHIFT Cohort on the Industry Friday's with (L-R) David Wang, Tri Phung (Digital Marketing Manager @ MOA), Malou Buena, Feng Zhou, Rachel Winstone, Amanda Macauley, Gonzalo Rodriguez and Rodrigo Marcolino De Oliveira

As with all SHIFT intakes, our students are diverse in many aspects of life and goals, with an incredible range of work backgrounds and educations. This brings many different perspectives and experiences to the class, as they look to get ahead in the digital age, embrace tech and add it to their skill-set.

The 2020 cohort's career backgrounds are diverse. From professional photographer to book keeper, diving instructor to civil engineer, teacher, manufacturing, electronic assembler, and a career coach. 

2020 SHIFT Dunedin cohort gain industry insights with Ian Simpson, Managing Director at LogicStudio during a SHIFT Friday session

Academic qualifications range from Commerce, Economics, P.E., Mechanical Engineering, Math and Zoology, and two recently submitted Ph.D's in Classics and Sociology!

"Combining tech skills with another skill set, for example an accountant to data scientist or psychologist to UX designer, will be in great demand in the future," says Lenore, "SHIFT students decide to career-change or up-skill to tech to boost their employ-ability - it's future-proofing your career".

Dunedin SHIFT students, TzuChien Ho and Yoko Kurata, collaborate during a Design Thinking Workshop

If you or someone you know is considering a career change, or wondering what opportunities the world of tech offers, you're invited to meet with us to discuss career options, please phone 0800 99 00 24 or email Lenore

Our next SHIFT intake is July 2020 in Christchurch and Dunedin.

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