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SHIFT Dunedin present Round 2 of Studio Projects

Monday August 24, 2020

Our Dunedin SHIFT students have completed their second group Studio Projects and presented their findings to their colleagues and project sponsors last week, to both in-studio and video conference participants.

Thanks to our awesome Round Two industry hosts and their valuable support of the SHIFT programme:

SHIFT students kicked off presentations with a Greyhound Racing Data Automation project. This project involved interface design and data visualisation to cover the many areas of focus in the racing data collected.

SHIFT students Christena, Ewa and Yoko kick off Round Two of Studio Project presentations and their Greyhound Racing Data Automation project.

The SHIFT cohort never thought they would be working internationally on a studio project, but have been liaising with a Texas firm through The Logic Studio's host on the Soils Mapping Website development. The project was to allow potential customers to search for any soil materials (aggregates) either specifically or generally, near their location then request a price for that material. This sounds quite simple but involves GIS work, data processing, storage and visualisation, plus information retrieval methods.

Also from outside of Dunedin, Maddcog is a Wanaka based company who wanted to quantify mental function to help gamers perform at their best. MaddCog provides real-time feedback on performance levels, error risk and cognitive fatigue. The students were working on improving existing algorithms to determine mental fatigue, and produce a prediction model.

SHIFT students, Will (seated), Rory and Martha present their Winely Studio Project.

Winely are a Dunedin-based biotech firm who produce real-time fermentation data, negating the need for manual daily tests, provided their group with a project to manage their detection devices. Winely requested to have a simple web interface that shows real time devices status.

The SHIFT cohort are now into Studio Project Three and are looking forward to their Industry Placement, starting in October. The students recently attended the Industry Speed Networking event, which will help match them with a host for their 200-hour industry project. 

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