Online collaboration & remote working

Monday March 23, 2020

Facial expressions and body language are a powerful part of communication, so effective communication can be hard when we're not together. Video calling or video conferencing can go a long way to helping with this. The SIGNAL Team use Zoom as our main group video communication tool.

The SIGNAL Team using Zoom video conferencing while working remotely

Text communication, is also part of our daily pattern, here as well as e-mail, Slack, is our platform of choice, particularly good for asynchronous communication and the fact that we can run channels to group conversations.

Lufei Wang, our Operations Administrator based in Christchurch

For work planning and keeping abreast of what the team are working on we use Miro, an online whiteboard, which allows a wide variety of diagrams and board styles (including Kanban & Scrum boards) to be maintained. We find that this is a powerful tool for keeping everyone aware of "what is currently underway". The Miro team also have a guide to Remote Work

The Spinoff recently published an article on making technology work for you at home, well worth a read.

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