New Shift 2018 cohort in Christchurch busy and productive!

The February Shift cohort of nine has been busy visiting local companies, gaining insight into various tech roles, and the skills needed to work in the growing tech sector. The students have also completed an intensive introduction to programming and further technical skills, and have begun working on projects in the studio to put their new found skills into practice.

In the first four weeks, they have been a part of workshops and seminars on Design Thinking, Agile Software Development, Python programming, web app development, and databases, alongside skills sessions on teamwork, communication, trust, ethics and professionalism, and are all working together to complete real-world projects. 

The students come from a wide variety of work and academic backgrounds and include a mechanical engineer with extensive work experience to a recently graduated commerce student.  Other backgrounds include medicine, teaching, hotel management and customer service, and environment and society.

The cohort also includes a competitive sportswoman with qualifications in physiology and exercise science, an artisan baker with a BSci in Biological Science,  and an experienced research librarian.  

Shift offers those with a degree in any area a chance to move into the tech industry. Our next cohort starts in July,  call us today to discuss the opportunity to make the move into a tech career.

0800 990 024 

Posted: Thursday April 5, 2018