An invitation to the DunedinLaunchofthe 2018 NZ Space Challenge

Kiwi space company Rocket Lab have launched successfully this year, and this puts NZ firmly on the world stage as a space nation. Now the NZ Space Challenge is offering the chance to budding innovators and scientists to develop new technologies that are seeded in Antarctic problems, but could well be used to assist with further NZ space industry developments.

Launched last week in Christchurch "The 2018 NZ Space Challenge seeks innovative technological solutions to solve today's problems in Antarctica, which can then be translated for space missions or other extreme conditions in the future.  

It is our goal to use these analogue Antarctic challenges to find new and innovative technologies to solve inherent problems today on the ice, which can be used for space missions in the future. 

There is a cash prize for the winner of $15,000. The Challenge is open to anyone residing in New Zealand, or New Zealand citizens living abroad. The Challenge  commences on 1  February  2018  with regional  judging in early May 2018 and final judging and the overall winner announced on 24 May, 2018."

SIGNAL will be part of the support network for competitors , with the SIGNAL Dunedin studio  hosting the Dunedin launch on  Feb 14, from 5.30pm.  Register your interest here:

  For further info on the NZ Space Challenge check out  SpaceChallenge

Posted: Thursday February 1, 2018