The future of business is learning

Tuesday June 12, 2018

The megatrend of all megatrends is here, and you need to pay attention.

Accelerating technology change is set to affect everything about business; from the skills we need in the workforce, to the way we operate our businesses, the way we compete in the market, the way we engage with our customers and their rapidly changing expectations, and even the professions we choose as careers.

Adapting to increasingly digital market environments and taking advantage of digital technologies to improve business operations and improve customer value should be important goals for nearly every contemporary business. The likely rate of change in business, and the expected scale of change, means we will need to adapt our businesses and careers rapidly, if we want to thrive in the digital future.

Recognising the importance of learning to meet these challenges, Recalibrateand Think Beyond are proud to bring you the Future of Learning conference and event series. The conference is here in Christchurch on the 9th of July, at the Haeata Community Campus.
Check out the website to see the full programme, and list of speakers - including renowned futurist Jason Swanson, flying in specially from Pittsburgh, USA.

There are still limited tickets available:

The trend of accelerating technology driven change is one which we all need to be aware of and preparing for - if we want to survive in the new digital business environment. We need to understand the challenges and opportunities these changes will bring, move to mitigate the risks to our business viability, and learn how to apply the emerging learning technology to help our businesses and staff to adapt.

The Future of Learning conference will help you to understand these topics, and give you insight into the technologies which will help you to adapt successfully.

Professionals are going to be fundamentally affected as complex business processes are automated - the nature of the work we do will be profoundly affected. Smart business owners, managers and learning and development professionals will make sure they stay ahead of the wave.

The Future of Learning event is also a chance for cross sector and cross generational idea pollination and collaboration – we need to work together to navigate our way to the future. The event organisers have purposefully designed the event to ignite a community of action and ensure New Zealand is well positioned for the future.

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