Research in Progress: What software is developed in New Zealand? And by whom? And how?

Monday November 13, 2017

Interested in how your organization and your products and services you work on compare to those of other developers in New Zealand? 

Then consider participating in a survey with software professionals so we can identify, understand and describe factors that characterize the software development industry in New Zealand. In particular, we hope to see what kind of organizations software professionals in New Zealand work for, what types of products or services they develop, what kind of practices and techniques they use for that, what kind of education and training software professionals have received (or receive) and what factors they consider important for their career. 

This information will give us an international picture of what and how software and systems are developed and by whom and if this differs in any way different to other places in the world, or on a national scale or just for your organisation.

To start the survey, go here: 

At most, you will be asked 43 multiple or single choice questions. You should be able to complete all questions in fewer than 20 minutes, but most respondents need around 10 minutes. The survey is anonymous so we won’t collect any personal information. 

Feel free to send this survey onto others involved in software development. The more responses we get, the better. 

If you have any questions or would like clarification on any aspect of this survey, please feel free to contact me (Di Wang) via email

 This work is part of my Master’s project in Software Engineering at the University of Canterbury.

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Research in Progress: What software is developed in New Zealand? And by whom? And how?
Monday November 13, 2017
Researcher Di Wang at the University of Canterbury is trying to answer this question. You can help by taking part in a short survey.

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