Your partner on your leadership journey

Wednesday November 8, 2017

Xtend is an innovative approach to professional development that does not require you to spend afternoons, evenings or weekends studying away from work.  Instead you combine your learning with specific projects in the workplace that are innovative, relevant, and add value to both you and your organisation.  

Our first Xtend participants are nearing the end of their journey and have achieved many positive changes, both in their own work and within their teams.   You can hear their take on things in the short video linked below.

For employers, Xtend can form part of a retention and development strategy for current or upcoming key staff.  Keep your institutional knowledge in place and invest in the growth of your people by engaging them personally in the improvement of your organisation's performance!

If the personal growth and organisational development outcomes from the programme weren't enough, you also earn the Master of Professional Practice to top it all off.

You can start Xtend at the start of any month - get in touch with us today to start your leadership journey.


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Your partner on your leadership journey
Wednesday November 8, 2017
Xtend is the programme to take you to the next level as a technical, peer, thought or people leader. Built around your everyday work, Xtend is cleverly tailored to your needs and meshes with your company's strategy. Our "in work, at work, for work" approach develops your individual leadership capabilities and contributes to your company's future.