Industry Experience Grants

Are internal resource constraints holding back your ideas and projects? 

Get 600 hours of student time to move things forward!

SIGNAL can help through our innovative Industry Projects and Industry Experience Grants.
As well as delivering tech based vocational training to new or mature graduates, SIGNAL is also charged with helping the growth of NZ’s tech industry.

How does it work?
Industry Projects are completed in the second semester of the Shift programme. We pair a Shift student with a company based project which gives the student real-world tech experience of over 200 hours, whilst adding value to your business.

Industry Experience Grants follow on from the 200 hour Industry Project, and are a grant for the organisation to then employ the Shift student for an additional 400 hours at the conclusion of their studies. The aim of the grant is to take the Industry Project and integrate it into your business or organisation, while also giving the student a substantial period of industry experience.

How do I apply for a Shift Student/Industry Experience Grant?
We are accepting Expressions of Interest from Christchurch-based organisations. Please contact Lenore to discuss your project and she will send you the Expression of Interest form. In it, you will need to show the value of the project to the growth of your business.

We are also accepting Expressions of Interest from Dunedin-based businesses for our next Shift student cohort. Contact Kylie to discuss your project and she will send you the Expression of Interest form to return to her if you are based in Dunedin.

What type of students does the Shift programme produce?
Shift has two streams of students - Software Development students who have focused on the programming and software development aspects of producing solutions, and Development Allied students, focused on roles that are allied with solution development, such as business analysis, user experience, testing, technical writing and project management. After an initial review of the projects, we introduce you to a prospective student, paying particular attention to matching your company’s culture with the skills and abilities of the student. If all parties are comfortable with the matching, grants are then allocated.

How much is the grant worth?
Each grant is $7,200 + GST which you are required to use to fund the wages of the student. This equates to $18 per hour for 400 hours. You are welcome to add your own contribution to this.

What support will organisations get?
We will run a series of workshops for both students and participating organisations to support the project and your organisation.

Is our organisation eligible?
If your organisation exists as a recognised legal entity, you are able to employ people and you are able to provide hosting and mentoring support for the student, you are eligible.

Will all organisations who apply get a grant?
No, we have a limited pool of students, a limited pool of funding and will match students with appropriate projects.

How many can we apply for?
You can apply for as many grants as you like, however we will fund a maximum of two per organisation. Typically we will fund one grant per organisation, per round.