Industry Projects and Experience Grants

Are internal resource constraints holding back your organisation? 

Have you got some great ideas and projects that need exploring, but not the time to do so?

Get valuable SHIFT student time to move things forward!

SIGNAL can help through our innovative Industry Projects and Industry Experience Grants.   

As well as delivering tech based vocational training to new or mature graduates, SIGNAL is also charged with growing NZ’s tech industry, by linking tech education and industry. 

How does it work?

Industry Projects are on-site industry placements, completed in the second half of  SHIFT. We carefully match a SHIFT student with an organisation whose proposed project will give the student real-world tech experience working alongside tech professionals for 200 hours, whilst adding value to your business.  This forms part of the student's academic requirements for SHIFT.

Industry Experience Grants (Subject to funding availability) may be added on following the completion of the  200 hour Industry Project.

This grant allows the organisation to employ the SHIFT student for an additional 400 hours at the conclusion of their studies. The aim of the Grant is to further expand upon the Industry Project (or another piece of work) and integrate it into your business or organisation, while also giving the student a substantial period of industry experience.

What type of student does SHIFT produce?

SHIFT students are a diverse and talented cohort of Post Graduate students (often with many years professional experience in their previous career) who are adding tech to their skillset, or building upon existing tech skills. 

Depending upon the student's interests and background, SHIFT can include preparation for roles such as: 

Software development, business analysis, user experience design, software testing, technical writing, web development, systems development, network administrator, project management and more.  

SHIFT students have a diverse range of existing skills and experience, and we aim to match you up with the best fit for your project and organisation. 

How much is the Industry Experience Grant worth?
Each grant is $7,200 + GST, which you use to fund the wages of the student. This equates to $18 per hour (plus gst) for 400 hours.

You are very welcome to top up this amount. 

Payment of this grant is made in two equal parts, following invoicing from the host organisation.

Instalment One: Within seven days of commencement of the student starting work with the host organisation.  

Instalment Two: Within seven days of the completion of the Industry Showcase (generally held in the final stages of the Industry Experience). 

Is our organisation eligible?

If your organisation is a recognised legal entity, you are able to employ people and you are able to provide hosting and mentoring support for the student, you are eligible.

Will all organisations who apply get a grant?
Not necessarily, we have a limited pool of high quality students, and a limited amount of funding.  We also aim to  match students with the most appropriate projects and host organisations, to optimise the experience for both parties. 

How many can we apply for?
You can apply for as many grants as you like, however we will fund a maximum of two per organisation. Typically we will fund one grant per organisation, per round.

How can I find out more? 

In Christchurch, contact Lenore:

In Dunedin, contact Stephen:

Or phone 0800 990024 for further information and an application form.