Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
Save the Date: Sep 6 - 8 for the ImpactNPO Hackathon
Wednesday June 19, 2019
Hackathons are also called IdeasFests, ThinkSmashes, and Creative Coding Workshops, but they are not only about software developing! If you have skills in marketing, web development, finance, communications, graphic design, business, philosophy, policy, arts, customer experience or any other area, and would like to use your skills to help local charities, we want YOU!
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Don't miss the next Tech Careers and Pizza Night at a SIGNAL near you!
Wednesday May 29, 2019
If you, or someone you know, is thinking about a change of career, or want to 'Add Tech to your Superpowers', come along to one of SIGNAL's famous Tech Careers Pizza nights.
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Industry Engagement - Dunedin Events
Friday May 17, 2019
Signal's SHIFT programme is focused on positive employment outcomes. To help foster industry connections and networking, we welcome practitioners and tech experts to speak to our students during "SHIFT Fridays".