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SHIFT Tech Portfolios - Project 1 Completed

Thursday October 31, 2019

SHIFT Studio Projects form a key part of the 'real-world industry' learning during the SHIFT programme. Each project runs for five or six weeks, and with a small group of three to five SHIFT learners each spending up to one hundred hours on it.  During this time they build skills and capabilities, experience new areas of tech, and research and implement a range of tech solutions - the results can be very impressive!

This semester our Christchurch cohort have quickly grasped the relevant skills to complete their first project - a device management software, which tracks devices that staff use within a Game Development company.  There were two groups working on the problem. 

The 'Newtonia' team delivered a database which is accessible through a web application, allowing users to locate, borrow, and return devices from the comfort of their own computer. 

The Newtonia Team included:

'A Team' present their SHIFT Web App Project - (L-R) Daniel Gilmour, Andrea Thom, Laksana Atmaja, Chris Ockenden & Manpreet Narang  — Lenore Wright

The 'A Team' produced a fully up-and-running web app,  their backgrounds included:

Team Newtonia deep in thought - (L-R) James Shaw, John McLean, Matt Hall & Chris Burn — Lenore Wright

The students enjoyed working in the Agile and Scrum format, the teamwork environment and seeing others exercise their strengths. The two teams have been reformulated and SHIFT students have now started working on their second project for The Ministry of Education, to digitize a workflow process which will make the Education Advisers work more efficient via a digital Web App.

With the latest Absolute IT Christchurch Regional Report predicting that 91% of IT employers in Christchurch will be recruiting staff over the next 12 months, we definitely need more people looking to join this career pathway.  

If you are looking to up-skill into a tech career in 2020, or you may be an organisation looking for student help with your next project, please get in touch with us.

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