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How to SLAY in Tech without getting technical - Women in Tech

Wednesday June 12, 2019

When you think of tech jobs, you might imagine an app developer, or data scientist - someone who has technical skills such as coding or have a good grasp on STEM subjects. However, the truth is tech companies require people with diverse skill sets. So you do not need to be overly technical to work in tech. 

The woman who shared their tech stories, came from backgrounds that included journalism, hospitality, English literature, commerce, project management and natural health. They work in start-ups to large organisations, in a diverse range of industries and roles which will all have big tech element.

The lineup of speakers included: Cindy Staudt (User Interface Designer), Dene Lynch (Development Manager at MYOB), Ashley Bass (Senior Product Manager at Jade Software), Vanessa O'Brien (Communications Manager), and Lenore Wright (Client Engagement at SIGNAL ICT Graduate School).

The discussions prove that it is such an interesting time to work in tech...  with new emerging technologies, industries to be disrupted, and under-served sectors to be catered for. We are living in a digital age, and there will be more change in the next 20 years, then has the last 2,000 years. It’s absolutely phenomenal! The full-house of attendees left with a sense that there are many pathways into a tech career, and that teamwork and a good attitude can really open many doors.

Some feedback from an attendee included:

“They pointed out once again that being confident and enjoying what you do, combined with being proactive and ready to learn, can be a recipe for success. Very good speakers, I would like to attend events like this more often.”

One of SIGNAL’s mandate is to encourage woman into tech, and to develop ICT graduate skills and attributes sought by industry. Events like this aim to open-up minds to different job opportunities, and tech needs you and your unique strengths.

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