Add Tech to your Superpowers!

Thursday April 26, 2018

SIGNAL's innovative SHIFT programme continues to deliver a current and responsive training option for those looking to 'Add Tech to their Superpowers'.    

With it's unique combination of real-world industry focussed learning, delivered by our highly respected tertiary partners, SHIFT is equipping more people with the skills required to move into one of many roles in NZ's fast growing tech sector.  After breaking the NZ$10Bn threshold in export earnings last year, the tech sector in NZ will need at least 9000 new employees over the next two years..... Do you have what it takes?

Skills and experience in business, design, communications, the arts, humanities, sciences and many other fields can all be utilised in the tech sector.    In fact, many organisations actively seek to build teams with varied backgrounds, to give a more diverse view of their products, and to gain better insight into what their customers actually want.  

To find out more about what it takes to add tech to your superpowers,  give us a call on 0800 990024 or email us on   We would love to have a chat and see how your current skills can be used to SHIFT into the fast growing tech sector.   

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