"Life is like a box of chocolates" .....

Friday January 26, 2018

SIGNAL Director Dr Stuart Charters likens this to people moving from an I shaped skills base to T- or Pi -shaped skills,  ie adding additional broader skills to an existing specific skills set (T), or establishing another deep area of expertise (Pi) and thereby helping to fill the need for multidisciplinary people who have enough understanding of a broad range of skills to work with a variety of internal and external clients.   

Gareth Cronin,  Xero partner products executive GM has recently penned a great article on why technology teams needs more ambidextrous people, you can read the full article here.

Later this month the two SIGNAL spaces will officially welcome their respective 2018 SHIFT cohort, who bring with them a range of skills and industry experience in diverse fields.  Throughout the year, they will meet local tech industry people,  work collaboratively on real industry generated group studio projects, and complete a 300 hour Industry Project while adding valuable tech skills to their existing base.  

We would like to invite submissions from industry for both the studio projects and industry placements, witha key prerequisite being that there is a real benefit to your organisation by becoming involved.  

Perhaps you have a wish list of projects but just not the time or people to devote to them currently? If so, and you would  like to explore possible ways that the SHIFT 2018 cohort can add value to your business or organisation,  talk to your local SIGNAL Operations & Engagement Co-ordinator, Fiona Scott in Christchurch  or Kylie Jackson in Dunedin or phone 0800 990024.     

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