Are you a new or existing Product Owner, or would you like to move into this challenging role in the near future?

Tuesday September 3, 2019

Product Owner Fundamentals

Targeting existing Product Owners and prospective Product Owners, this workshop will help you understand the approach and skills required to confidently lead your product or project teams to deliver the right stuff for your business. Offering a practical approach to being a Product Owner, this course will give you skills you can implement in your work straight away including the Product Owner mindset, different techniques and models for defining value, why user stories exist and how to write better stories, and agile techniques for estimating a backlog of work.

These classes are heavy on group discussion and activities and light on PowerPoint. Bring along an open mind, be willing to participate and share the wisdom of your experiences and ideas.

Product Owner Fundamentals  is a one day course:

The Product Owners Course is normally $1000 + gst, but $900 +gst to our SIGNAL Network.

Meet the Facilitator - Joe Kearns

Joe Kearns specialises in Agile coaching. He is certified as a Professional Scrum Master and Professional Scrum Product Owner ( His skills, razor-sharp wit and knack for getting to the crux of the problem, and then helping to solve it, make for memorable workshops and engagements.  

He draws on his knowledge of Agile, project management, product development and leadership techniques to take a lead role to deliver successful change to client organisations as well as engaging and thought-provoking training.

SIGNAL Network Discount:

Double-O Consultants are offering our SIGNAL Network friends a $100 discount per course per person! Just mention SIGNAL when making your booking, by contacting Kylie at dunedin@signal.​ac.​nz.

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