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Work Future Dunedin Event @ Petridish - Nov 7 - 5.30 - 7pm

Sunday October 28, 2018

The Panel included:

Cheryl Adams - CEO, Animation Research Limited

Julie Curphey - Chief Marketing Officer, Blis Technologies Limited.

Kylie Robinson - Managing Director, Igtimi.

Jason Lindsey - Founding Partner, Petridish.

Issues discussed (and answers)  included:

Where tech is heading?

"Wherever we want it to go/take it"  and "Into a very personalised experience"

The Dunedin Hospital Rebuild Project was also flagged as a fantastic opportunity to develop and showcase world class leading edge technology and community collaboration on a regional scale. 

What makes the Dunedin tech sector unique?

"It has random specialisations that have sprung up from people solving problems"  and "The very strong sense of community, and collaboration".

How can Dunedin encourage more diversity in our businesses and communities?

"Listen to people's stories and value their ideas" and "go out and approach businesses who you would like to work for, and dont give up!" 

 There also a nod to the #Suffrage125 anniversary this year, with the strong female representation on the panel. 

Big thanks to SIGNAL's co-sponsors Petridish, WorkReady Dunedin, the fantastic team of student volunteers from Otago Polytechnic, and of course the fantastic panellists. 

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