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Industry Projects go remote during lockdown

Tuesday August 25, 2020

"If you had told me a year ago that I would be completing a capstone project for a Grad Dip in ICT while competing in a Hackathon for the Christchurch City Council Smart Cities Program run by Te Ōhaka - the Centre for Growth and Innovation in the middle of a global pandemic I probably would have laughed, but how times have changed - let the fun begin!" - 2019 SHIFT Graduate, Matt Hall.

We can all appreciate the complexities of studying in 2020,  juggling academic course work with industry project work, combined with Covid-19 disruption. So well done to the July 2019 Christchurch SHIFT cohort for completing their Graduate Diploma in Information and Communication Technologies! 

The industry projects allow SHIFT students to contextualise their learning by putting it into practice alongside supportive IT professionals.

Chris Burn (L) at his final presentation to industry mentor Matt Scott (onscreen) and Ara academic staff. 

Recent industry projects completed by the 2019 July SHIFT cohort included:

- Chris Burn - Brush Technology, Industry Mentor was Matt Scott. Chris added dynamic content to ITM’s “Trade Club” incentive programme, so that end users – typically builders and their partners – receive a personalised user experience based on their previous activity.

- Chris Ockenden - EdPotential, Industry Mentor was Dr Charlie Tomlinson.  The project brings best practice devops to automate the software deployment process of EdPotentials’ software releases. This will speed up the process of software updates, allow EdPotential to iterate more often and release updates more efficiently. 

- Daniel GilmourVicinity GIS, under the mentorship of CEO Bryan Clarke - The goal of this project is to create a digital solution to the original paper-based Rural Maps. The digital solution will be a web-based or mobile application with added features such as routing, saved routes and favourites which will be helpful to the end-user on the go.

- John McLean - 4Technology, working with Director Grant Meikle. The project was to develop a proof-of-concept production dashboard, using spatial information to enhance presentation. 

- Matt Hall - Datacom, working under the guidance of Software Development Manager, Jonathan Lyall - Developed an App to support parents of children and adults who are restrictive or selective eaters.

- Manpreet Narang - Lentune Software Solutions, working with Di Wang, Senior Developer - Developed a Prototype of Lentune web application (Proof of concept) that can be used on multiple types of devices.

- Andrea Thom - WSP, Industry Mentors were Kerry Mayes and Tim Cross. The Advisory Team of WSP wanted a process to attract, train and retain hard-to-find talent, the Business Analyst project investigated and produced five processes diagrams were written.

Industry Projects are an integral component of the SHIFT programme and give students the opportunity to gain valuable connections and world-class work experience. It is a chance to practice new skills, collaborate and network with industry professionals and can sometimes offer a pathway to employment with the host organisation. 

If you are looking to up-skill into a tech career, or you may be an organisation looking for a student to help with your next project, please get in touch with us. Our SHIFT students are talented, mature and professional and are dedicated to pursuing a rewarding career in technology, and adding value to your business.

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