HORIZONS 2020 Report Published

Monday June 1, 2020

SIGNAL ICT Graduate School today launches its research report "Horizons 2020, Trends in Technology Education" and is challenging business, government and academia to work together to create the technology education system we need to thrive in an increasingly technological world.

“Horizons 2020”, examines the present and near future of technology education for New Zealand graduates and in career professionals, and looks at how we can evolve to better meet the future needs of students, organisations and the whole of New Zealand society.

The "Horizons 2020: Trends in Technology Education" full report can be downloaded from here.

Join us to launch the SIGNAL HORIZONS 2020 Report - a virtual event with interactive panel discussion on the future of technology education in New Zealand. This is your opportunity to contribute to the discussion on what we need to do to evolve technology education to better serve a future New Zealand and future New Zealanders. Click here for more details.

Horizons 2020: Trends in Technology Education

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