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Targeted tech learning meets organisations needs
Monday September 21, 2020
XTEND your teams capabilities and help individuals reach their full potential - gain a Master of Professional Practice at Otago Polytechnic in 2021.
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"XTEND has enabled us to grow our people into the roles that we require, as our business grows."
Monday April 6, 2020
Gwyn Edwards, CTO of game and media design studio CerebralFix, describes how XTEND has empowered Nadia Thorne to become a highly effective leader who has increased their business revenue, and why they have another three staff now completing the programme.
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"XTEND was 100% absolutely worth doing!"
Tuesday January 28, 2020
Kyle Forde, CIO at WellSouth, is not content to wear just one hat. Whilst completing the at-work XTEND programme over 18 months, he concurrently held four different executive roles, served on the board of both a social services charity and the NZ Health Informatics group, and played water polo and touch football! He shared his XTEND experiences with us over a coffee recently.
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"Personal and professional transformation" ....A glimpse into XTEND
Thursday December 5, 2019
This article was written by Michael McDonald as he reflected on his XTEND journey.
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Towards values-based practice: Congratulations to Michael McDonald, XTEND Graduate!
Tuesday December 3, 2019
Michael works as a business analyst, and now lives and breathes the values-based practices he has developed, as part of his Master of Professional Practice.
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SIGNAL celebrates another XTEND success story
Saturday November 2, 2019
Gavin Dilworth takes his tech career to the next level with XTEND, a customised learning experience based upon your individual skills and goals.
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What personal quality is going to drive your success?
Monday July 15, 2019
Discover how to gain significant self improvement through the XTEND Review of Learning course.
Xtend Professional development
SIGNAL - Your partner in capability growth
Monday January 28, 2019
SIGNAL's mandate is to boost tech skills and capabilities within NZ. As SIGNAL matures as an organisation, SHIFT is proving to be a valuable pathway for new talent into tech. In 2019 we aim to grow our professional development offerings for existing tech professionals, to supercharge both individual and organisational development.
Xtend 2018 Success Stories!
Wednesday December 12, 2018
Jamie Vaughan, Mark Oliver and Les Miskin with Prof Samuel Mann (right) celebrate their Graduation from Otago Polytechnic's Master of Professional Practice awarded on completion of SIGNAL's Xtend programme last week.
Your partner on your leadership journey
Wednesday November 8, 2017
Xtend is the programme to take you to the next level as a technical, peer, thought or people leader. Built around your everyday work, Xtend is cleverly tailored to your needs and meshes with your company's strategy. Our "in work, at work, for work" approach develops your individual leadership capabilities and contributes to your company's future.
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Xtend + CerebralFix = Transformation.
Tuesday May 30, 2017
Christchurch gaming developer CerebralFix wanted to transform their work environment into a place where everyone had a voice in the design and build process. They wanted to create a workplace full of thinkers.
Develop your tech leadership capabilities
Tuesday May 30, 2017
And help your company grow its IT future at the same time.
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MTF's IT development manager is future-focused with SIGNAL's Xtend programme.
Thursday February 16, 2017
Mark Oliver is all smiles when talking about SIGNAL's Xtend programme - a year into the programme he's up-skilled during work hours and also has found it's improved his work satisfaction.
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Dr Stuart Charters opens two SIGNAL sites.
Thursday February 16, 2017
Dr Stuart Charters, the new director of SIGNAL - the South Island's ICT Grad School - opened the doors to the Christchurch and Dunedin SIGNAL sites on 27th February.