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SHIFT industry event showcases student success

Wednesday March 18, 2020

Industry Projects are an integral component of the SHIFT programme and give students the opportunity to gain valuable connections and world-class work experience. It is a chance to practice new skills, collaborate and network with industry professionals and can sometimes offer a pathway to employment with the host organisation.

In celebration of the Dunedin 2019 SHIFT cohort end of year, hosting the Industry Showcase was an opportunity to hear first hand from students and their industry hosts about their positive experiences and challenges, and to celebrate the achievements of their Industry Projects.

SIGNAL Director, Stuart Charters, welcomes everyone to the 2019 SHIFT Industry Showcase in Dunedin

SHIFT is strongly supported by industry engagement throughout the year and it is wonderful to see the cohort build strong relationships within the industry through mentoring. The SHIFT students were highly regarded by their industry hosts, both for their new tech skills, and the maturity, professionalism and initiative they bring to their host organisation. For some organisations, this was the third time they had taken a SHIFT intern!

Karl Bailey presents the results of his Industry Project with Fisher & Paykel at the Dunedin 2019 SHIFT Industry Showcase

Some students have already secured employment with their industry hosts, or are currently in the negotiation process, while others are being sought by employers elsewhere. The students have gone into a variety of roles following their Industry Projects, these include:

Lynda Youens completed her industry placement with MTF Finance, and was offered a permanent role with MTF as UX Designer following her placement.

We would like to extend a massive Thank you! to the following industry hosts, without your input, this part of the programme would not be possible. SHIFT's linking of education and industry continues to deliver top results, and together we are helping to build New Zealand's tech capabilities. 

We are very proud of the students and their achievements throughout the year and wish the 2019 Cohort all the best for their future careers in tech.

"I've come from being tech hesitant to someone with diverse tech skills and drive, ready for problem solving and being part of meaningful change." - Anita, 2019 SHIFT Graduate

If you are looking to up-skill into a tech career, or you may be an organisation looking for a student to help with your next project, please get in touch with us. Our SHIFT students are talented, mature and professional and are dedicated to pursuing a rewarding career in technology, and adding value to your business.  

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