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Thanks to our 2019 Christchurch industry guests and partners

Thursday December 12, 2019

Here are just some pics of local industry professionals that SIGNAL is proud to be associated with, and we extend a massive THANK YOU to each and every one of you for kindly sharing your time! 

It is also fantastic to see several of our previous SHIFT graduates featuring, who are now fully immersed in their new tech careers. 

Describing the tech scene in NZ is Blair Morgan, Board Member, IT Professionals — Lenore Wright
Design Thinking Workshop extraordinaire Dr Christian Walsh, lecturer at UC's Centre for Entrepreneurship — Lenore Wright
Guest speaker Jono Bonifant, CEO at Lentune Software Solutions — Lenore Wright
Delphine Ducaruge, General Manager at Orbica, previously at Onside talks to the 2019 SHIFT cohort — Lenore Wright
Paul Theyers, Client Relationship Manager Planit Testing — Lenore Wright
SIGNAL Director, Dr Stuart Charters with Christchurch City Council GIS Team, Vincent Paul, Leanne Banks, SHIFT graduate Dewi Bealing and Vincent Wang — Lenore Wright
Keegan Gibson, Game Developer at Digital Confectioners — Lenore Wright
Fergus Farrell & SHIFT graduate Sulbin Kim from Orion Health, take SHIFTer's through a lego agile fundamentals workshop — Lenore Wright
Andy Poulsen, Senior Consultant at Farrow Jamieson & The EPIC Podcast Host  shared his professional etiquette workshop and recruitment knowledge with the SHIFT cohorts. — Lenore Wright
Trish Handley Career Advisor for Ara Careers & Employment, Student Services along with Rachel Tobeck, IT & Digital Consultant at Crew Recruitment were our guest facilitators for the lunchtime careers exploration workshop — Lenore Wright
Long time supporter of SIGNAL Gwyn Edwards, Chief Executive Officer at Cashed Limited has hosted and employed SHIFT graduates, and sponsored several of his existing team through SIGNAL's XTEND.  — Lenore Wright
Julie Stalker, SHIFT Graduate, now a Business Analyst and Software Developer spoke at a recent Tech Careers and Pizza evening — Lenore Wright
Adrian Dawson, Service Manager - Integration and Interoperability, Information Technology Unit at Christchurch City Council hosted SHIFT intern Peter McGill, who has just landed a role within the energy sector. — Lenore Wright
"We were absolutely blown away with the amount of development done in 4 weeks" (L-R) Nhan (SHIFT), Hayley and Sophie from GirlGuiding NZ, Jen, Leon & Jane from SHIFT celebrate the completion of the 'digital badges' studio project  — Lenore Wright
(L-R) SHIFTers Teo, Josh, Foster, Matt Button from Big Brothers Big Sisters, Andi and Adian. The students updated the Mentors Dashboard in this full stack development studio project  — Lenore Wright
2019 SHIFT intern Foster Chinorinda (left) worked alongside the RCG Creations Ltd team for his SHIFT Industry placement.  He is pictured here with previous SHIFT'ers Carl &  Harry, & Craig Goodenough - MD at RCG Creations Ltd (second from right). — Lenore Wright
Chris Saunders, Delivery Manager at Onside — Lenore Wright
Kellee Berry, of Kellee Berry Mind Coach, delivers her valuable workshop, with practical tools to assist students in their future careers — Lenore Wright
Some of the Speed Networking industry participants: (L-R) Nick Slocombe (Computer Concepts Ltd) Blake Quartly (Radian Digital), Grant Meikle (4Technology), and Chris Borril (Orion Health) — Lenore Wright
Dr. Stacy Rendall from Abley comments favourably upon his experiences mentoring the very capable Lois Li, who shifted from English Literature degree to full stack software development this year.   — Lenore Wright
Speed meeting cafe style - five minute conversations to find the perfect match for Industry Projects during the SHIFT Speed Networking event. — Lenore Wright
Rob Lawrence, Growth Advisor Regional Business Partner, Canterbury Employers'​ Chamber of Commerce catches up on the latest opportunities in industry with Janelle Gee, SIGNAL's Business Development Manager. — Lenore Wright
The Plant and Food Research team at the Speed Networking session included (l-r) SHIFT graduate Chetan, Yumi and John, pictured here finding out about Foster's interests and career goals. — Lenore Wright
SHIFT students rose to the challenge of developing some digital product ideas for the Ministry of Education.  Both teams were creative and effective in their approach, so the results were definitely worth celebrating!   — Lenore Wright

Check out the lineup of Tech Careers Speaker Series 

Wendy Rockhouse, EPIC Innovation Centre Manager — Lenore Wright

And thanks to our lovely EPIC Manager Wendy, who does an amazing job keeping us and our co-tenants well-sorted. 

There were more people to add but I'm out of space on this page! You know who you are though. Once again THANK YOU for your assistance this year. 

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and even better 2020! 

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