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Industry engagement in the Garden City

Wednesday March 18, 2020

Industry Engagement is an integral component of the SHIFT programme. We arrange visits to different types of tech firms, and also bring industry and ecosystem experts to our studio to provide an industry professional perspective.

Some people know what type of tech organisation they want to get into, whether it be a start-up, a multinational or government organisation. But for those still considering their pathway, an opportunity to gain exposure to the different roles, culture styles and projects that are available in industry is invaluable.

"I was impressed with the scale of operation, the different types of departments and the diversity of age, culture and gender within the teams" - SHIFT student on a recent industry visit to Christchurch City Council.

With our Christchurch studio based in EPIC Innovation, we are spoilt for choice; working in a community that made of a unique blend of top tech entrepreneurs, collaborators and innovators. This semester we have already engaged with the following EPIC tenants:

For those students interested in the start-up journey we also visit local co-working spaces and tech communities. Here we find out what is happening within the local tech eco-system:

A big highlight for us and our students is catching up with SHIFT graduates, now full-time employed tech professionals. On a recent visit to Orion Health we caught up with Sulbin Kim and Teodora Bucutea, now software engineers:

Chch Industry visit: Orion Health

Orion Health - develops software to drive efficiency in healthcare

Kiriana Brown from Komodo Monitr, former SHIFT student who now works in sports technology — Lenore Wright

Komodo Monitr - a software product that enables strength and conditioning coaches to develop aspiring athletes. After finishing the HYPE tech accelerator in Taiwan earlier this year, they're now in the last stage of a capital raising seed round.

It's great to see SHIFT's linking of education and industry continue to deliver top results. Together we are helping to build New Zealand's tech capabilities. If you would like to find out more about industry involvement in our innovative, industry-focused SHIFT programme, please contact Lenore Wright at or 0800 990 024.

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