Dr David Band

Chairman of the Board

Dr David Band is an experienced international businessman and teacher.  He has spent the past thirty years in global consulting firms and in running large business schools. Most of his consulting work has been spent helping organisations improve their talent and leadership practices.

At PA Consulting, he was a Partner and Head of the Management Development Practice. At Sibson he specialized in the development and delivery of more effective approaches to a range of talent management practices, especially performance and career management.

David is Chairman of AbacusBio, the leading agricultural genetics consulting firm. He has built and sold three businesses, is currently a Director of three other companies, and assists the UTS Business School in the area of external engagement.

John Ascroft

John Ascroft is the Chief Innovation Officer at Jade Software and the Chairman of Signal’s Industry Reference Group. He oversees Jade's Innovation and Collaboration programmes and Jade is considered one of the biggest players in the industry. He's at the sharp end of product development and client and partner engagements. John - a futurist - has held a variety of technical and management roles during his career.

Kylie Robinson

Kylie Robinson completed a BSc (Computer Science) and a Dip Sci (Computer Graphics) from the University of Otago.  Her career started as a Computer Animator at Animation Research Limited.  During nine years in that position, Kylie progressed into a role as lead animator and team/project leader responsible for delivering bespoke video material for national and international corporate clients. 

Kylie’s career continued in the UK as an independent consultant, producing video content for clients such as Nokia.  On return to New Zealand, Kylie founded Igtimi (2008) which develops innovative technical solutions which are predominately supplied to high performance sports institutions and the entertainment industry. 

Kylie has become an active member of the Dunedin start-up business community.  Her involvements in “Start-Up weekend” have been ongoing since its conception five years ago and include being on the inaugural winning team, mentoring and judging.  

Professor Sonia Mazey

Professor Sonia Mazey has a D.Phil. from Oxford University, UK, awarded for research on the politics of regionalization in France.  Her first full-time University  appointment was as Lecturer in Politics at the former Polytechnic of North London (now London Metropolitan University).  Subsequently, she held full-time University teaching posts at Brunel University (Senior Lecturer), the University of Cambridge (Fellow of Churchill College and University Lecturer in Politics) and the University of Oxford (Fellow of Hertford College and Faculty Lecturer in Politics).  Her research interests have focused on two areas: the politics of gender and sex discrimination; and the politics and policy-making processes of the European Union (EU).  She has published widely in both fields and her book Lobbying in the European Community (published by Oxford University Press in 1993 and co-edited with Jeremy Richardson) was recognised in 2014 as the most cited work in the field.

Following a successful international  academic career, Professor Mazey spent a short period as a manager within the UK National Health Service, before moving into University management in 2003 as the first, professional Senior Tutor (Deputy Head of the College) to be appointed at Keble College, one of the largest constituent colleges of Oxford University.  She moved to Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2008 with her husband and two daughters and joined the University of Canterbury later that year, initially as Academic Manager and subsequently as Associate Dean of the College of Business and Economics, before being appointed to her current role as Pro-Vice-Chancellor (College of Business and Law) in June 2012. In this role, Professor Mazey has initiated and implemented a number of changes including the integration of the School of Law into the College, the development of the UC Business School’s Executive Development Programmes, and the establishment of the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE), hosted by the Business School.

Professor Richard Blaikie

Professor Richard Blaikie received his B.Sc. (Hons) degree from the University of Otago, New Zealand in 1988 and his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Cambridge, U.K., in 1992. For one year, he was a visiting scientist at the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory investigating single-electron transport effects in semiconductor nanostructures. He returned to New Zealand in 1993 to take up a position in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Canterbury, prior to moving to his current role at Otago. As Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Blaikie oversees all of the research and commercialisation activities of the University.

Greg Ryan

Greg Ryan is the Dean of the Faculty of Environment, Society and Design at Lincoln University. This is the Faculty that contains most of Lincoln’s computing, information technology and GIS related courses and research. Greg is a historian by training and therefore something of a luddite when it comes to modern technology. He is absolutely committed to SIGNAL's collaboration between different tertiary institutions, industry and other sectors.

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